Our Story

How it all started...

Increasing Faith International Ministries Inc (formerly Revival Time Church of God) was founded by Pastor Easton V. Brooks in his home during the summer of 1992. The desire to impart God’s word into the lives of people was so compelling, he began having prayer meetings and Bible studies right in his home. It started out with nine individuals and within six months grew to 50 members. With this growth Pastor Brooks felt the urgency to find a Church home for his growing worshipers.

While fasting and praying and waiting for God’s directives, Pastor Brooks got a call to be the Interim Pastor of Harvest Time Ministries in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. For months he was flying back and forth to Canada preaching and teaching. He was deeply concerned about the people he was also leading at Increasing Faith (Formerly Revival Time Church of God) because he had to divide his time between the two congregations. In 1993 Pastor Brooks tenure at Harvest Time Ministries in Alberta, Canada was completed so he directed his full attention on his responsibilities as Pastor of Increasing Faith.

The following year, Pastor Brooks once more started having church in different rental locations and as the congregation grew, his desire was to find a permanent Church home at our present location in Decatur, GA. There were many obstacles, delays and disappointments, but with patience he and his congregation overcame. Pastor Brooks remained steadfast, unmovable in the work of the Lord, God once again reaffirmed his call to the ministry and things began to turn around with increase of membership and financial contributions.

By 1998 the Church was at her peak and attendance rose to an all time high of approximately 300 worshipers each Sunday morning. The Church was now growing in number and in the strength and power of the Holy Spirit. As the years goes by the Church has experienced some exponential growth, both spiritually and physically. Like any other organization, there will be challenges that will cause set-backs.

Once again in 2004, the spirit of division rose up in the Church and more than half of the members left the fellowship to start a new Church. The Church did receive an enormous blow, but Pastor Brooks and some of the members that remained, knew that with Christ in the vessel we shall smile at the storm. Thus shoulders and hands were once again put to the wheel as we start rebuilding the ministry.

Be a part of our story...

Join us every Sunday as we gather to worship together a t 10 am.